The patient travellers is a blog dedicated to navigating our uncharted adventures, through African and beyond.


In April 2019, we decided to take a risk and book a one-way plane ticket to South East Asia. I put in notice at my corporate job and William traded in his wildlife photography gear for a simpler travel photography setup.  

The decision to travel full time came rather easily to both of us, however, we wanted to do it differently. William and I are both systematic, organised, well planned and leave next to nothing up to chance. Simply put we're spontaneous planners. This time around, we're not planning much at all. 

So far, we'll be meeting up with one of Williams friends from the UK in Hanoi for a week. We're excited to travel with him to Da Nang for another week. Thereafter, we're not sure, but working our way along the Mekong river is looking very promising at the moment. 

We're human, so naturally, we've got some apprehensions about the trip but mostly we're enthusiastic about exploring and learning more about a part of the world neither of us have been to.


As a born and bred South African, I've grown up along many coastal towns across the Western and Eastern Cape (Yes, this means I eat pineapple on my pizza). I have always had a niggling sense that I was born to explore and travel but up until now,have constantly squished that feeling. Mainly due to getting caught up in the ''rat race;'' university, move to a big city and work, work, work. For the first time in a long time, I'll be fully focusing on my passion for writing, designing,photography and of course, travelling. 


From a young age, I was captivated by the wildlife that surrounded me. Raised in Botswana, I was able to explore and discover the beauty of the untamed wilderness, and it sparked in me a love for nature. That is where my photographic journey began. As my hobby blossomed into a passion, and then a job, I began to turn my focus to visual storytelling. Returning to Botswana in 2016 after finishing my MBA in the UK, I decided to not follow the corporate track and instead focus full time on wildlife photography. I have been fortunate enough to call it my career ever since, working on projects for the BBC, National Geographic, and in 2017 became a sigma ambassador for South Africa. Travel for me is the next exciting step, and I have always dreamt about turning traveling into a career. While we are still far away from this reality, the ball has officially started rolling.

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