• Storm Olivier

Back to basics in St. Helena Bay.

The beaches seem endless and the cold dark waves crash along the sandy slopes throughout the day. Along the docks, boats bob and creak, tugging on their moorings. Accompanied only by the repetitive cries of the seagulls swopping overhead.

I'm no stranger to the ebb and flow of the ocean, all my life I've never lived further than 15 kilometres from the coast. Having said that, there's something unique about this coastal town, or maybe it's just a welcomed retreat after living in the hustle and bustle of Cape Town for the last year and a half.

William and I are spending our time in St. Helena Bay with his parents, and his adorable standard poodle Archie. While we prepare for our trip over to South East Asia. We've spent a large amount of time out and about photographing the coast and fishing docks. Getting back into photography has been astonishingly addictive. I've always had an inkling for it, dabbling in it here and there, however, this is the first time I've had a camera in years.

Accompanied by my new Olympus E-M10III I have been capturing images along the way.

There are no shortage of seagulls in the bay.

A regular afternoon stroll with William and Archie on the beach.

Water crashes along the rocks at Shelley Point.

Shelley Point Lighthouse (ps: you'll trigger the alarm by walking up the stairs)

Most evenings, William and I end up getting hit by waves, but it's always worth the slight frost bite.

There's always something different to photograph along the coastline here.

The water may look beautiful, but I can guarantee its freezing.

Seagulls flock to both fishing boats and docks alike when the fishermen come in from sea.

The women who work in the fish factory have perfected gutting, lifting and heaving the fish from work station to work station as if it’s an art.

The working day is done and its time to go home.

Photographing the streets of Vietnam seems like a distant dream, familiar coastlines traded in for night markets and busy streets.

As the countdown to our departure arrives, excitement for the unknown increases.


As a born and bred South African, I've grown up along many coastal towns across the Western and Eastern Cape (Yes, this means I eat pineapple on my pizza). I have always had a niggling sense that I was born to explore and travel but up until now,have constantly squished that feeling. Mainly due to getting caught up in the ''rat race;'' university, move to a big city and work, work, work. For the first time in a long time, I'll be fully focusing on my passion for writing, designing,photography and of course, travelling. 



From a young age I was captivated by the wildlife that surrounded me. Raised in Botswana, I was able to explore and discover the beauty of untamed wilderness, and it sparked in me a love for nature and travel. That is where my photographic journey began. As my hobby blossomed into a passion, and then became an income. ​I am fortunate enough to call photography my career, but first and foremost it is my passion. 


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