• Storm Olivier

A smoothie for every season.

Only allowed one type of meal for the rest of my life? Smoothie.

Get up and go kind of morning - smoothie.

Reboot after a workout - smoothie.

Refreshing lunch on a hot day - smoothie.

Snack for any time - smoothie.

There's something special about a mixed berry smoothie, it's pretty perfect for any weather too.

Trust me, I have a smoothie concoction for every fruit out there, but this berry mix is possibly my favourite.

Key ingredients:

- Banana

- Chia seeds

- Strawberries

- Blueberries

- Coconut flakes

- Peanut butter

- Greek yoghurt / milk

- Ice blocks

Yes, your day to day food blog will tell you x amount per ingredient but I believe that quantities for smoothie making vary depending on what texture you're looking for and how much smoothie you'd like. Plus, if there's too much, you can also put it in a container and in the fridge for later.

A tip though - the more banana, yoghurt/milk and peanut butter you add the thicker your smoothie will be. Start off with one banana, 3 tablespoons of greek yogurt/ half a cup of milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter, after blending you can then decide if you'd like to add anymore.

For a good textured smoothie:

- Put ice blocks and berries in the blender first, blend on high until the ice blocks have broken down into shavings.

- Add banana, yoghurt/milk and peanut butter, blend on high until your smoothie looks like smoothie.

- Add your chia seeds and coconut flakes and do one quick blitz with your blender until all ingredients are mixed.

Relish the smoothie you just made and if you're lucky, you'll have some for later too.


As a born and bred South African, I've grown up along many coastal towns across the Western and Eastern Cape (Yes, this means I eat pineapple on my pizza). I have always had a niggling sense that I was born to explore and travel but up until now,have constantly squished that feeling. Mainly due to getting caught up in the ''rat race;'' university, move to a big city and work, work, work. For the first time in a long time, I'll be fully focusing on my passion for writing, designing,photography and of course, travelling. 



From a young age I was captivated by the wildlife that surrounded me. Raised in Botswana, I was able to explore and discover the beauty of untamed wilderness, and it sparked in me a love for nature and travel. That is where my photographic journey began. As my hobby blossomed into a passion, and then became an income. ​I am fortunate enough to call photography my career, but first and foremost it is my passion. 


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